Pista House Cookies – Gulab Cookies

“The pleasure lies Not in the Cookies But in the pattern the crumbs make when the Cookies crumbles”….

Hello Readers, Today Lets Talk about fresh baked delicious Cookies from PISTA HOUSE Which is One of the best iconic bakery in the City of Nawabs… Hyderabad.

About The Brand :-

Pista House introduces itself as a progressive & vibrant bakery & sweet house that offers an Excellent collection of the choicest bakeries sweet & Haleem, Established by MR. MOHD ABDUL MAJEED.

Pista House is Know For Meeting the diverse needs of customers thats to its use of best raw material & Ingredients of highest Quality. An Excellent infrastructure comprising of States of the Art machineries & baking over facilities Healthy cooked products in tune with consistent Quality strict Quality Control guidlines & Standards are followed While Cooking Which ensures that all products that roll are consistent in taste & apperence.

Catering :- Pista House offer Outdoor catering facilities with attractive packaging For all occasion like marriages, reception, parties, Engagements, all Major Festivals, New year, wedding, Housewarming Days & all…

Lets us Experience Gulab/Rose Cookies :-

Pista House Gulab Cookies are the best crunchy baked Biscuit loaded with delicious Ingredients such as Rose Petals Flakes & Cashew Nuts with Perfect balance of sweetness. Best Server with tea & coffee. Great value For money with Quality & goodness of Rosey nutty feel in every bite you taste.

Ingredients :- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Oil Veg, Oil, Milk Solides, Kaju Bits, Rose Petals Flakes(2%), Raising Agent (503 ii) Contains Added Flavour (Artificial Flavouring substance Rose).

Nutritional Information :-

Products Information :-

  • Manufactured & Marketed – Pista House.
  • Net Weight – 250 gm.
  • Priced – Rs. 80/-
  • Best Before – 3 Months from the date of Mftd.
  • Ingredient Type – Vegiterian.
  • Cuisine – Indian
  • Lic No. – 10113027000023

Packaging :- Beautiful Ready gift packaging with airtight Container of Cookies in it. A Good Option For Gifting your international buddies with Nawabi feel from Pista House Bakery.

Why Pista House Cookies :-

  1. Unique Delightful Biscuits.
  2. Loaded with nuts & yummy Flavours.
  3. Perfect balance of sweetness.
  4. Freshly Baked Cookies.
  5. Crunchy & crispy Cookies.
  6. Follows all Hygiene & Health throughout preparation.
  7. Travel friendly packaging.
  8. Super Affordable Cookies collections.
  9. Great value for money.
  10. Superb Quality & Taste.
  11. Pure Vegiterian
  12. Friendly customer Service.

Export Avaliability :- Export its bakeries, confectioneries & Haleem to Major markets in North American, Gulf, south East Asia, Europe, etc….

Hyderabad Avaliability :-



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