Ayurvedic Vedantika Herbal Instant Glow Mask

Glowing Skin is always in so, invest in your Skin its going to Represent you For a long time as Beautiful Glowing Skin is the Basis to Any look.. Lets Experience Vedantika Herbal instant glow mask.

About The Brand :-

Vedantika herbals value your right to good Health and belief that Mother Earth provides healing and goodness in myriad ways which we have endeavored to incorporate in our mission of Vedantika Herbals – A BEGINNING OF PURITY AND INHERANT ESSENCE OF NATURE

Ayurvedic Vedantika Herbal Instant Glow Mask :-

Discription :-

A rare combination of Herbs traditionally used to give radiant glow to the skin. It enhances cell regeneration, improving skin metabolism. Leaves your face looking years younger.

Ingredients :- Sympiocos Racemosa, Ocimum, Sanctum, Berberis Aristata, Cinnamomum. Camphora, Myristica Fragrans, Citrus Aurantium, Santalum Album, Rose Petals, Fuller’s Earth.

How to use :- Mix one teaspoon of the face pack with rose water or cucumber juice. Add a few drops of glycerin or honey if you have dry skin. Apply a thick layer over face and neck. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash off with water.

Extra Benifits :- Herbal pack are also applied on Body, & left to dry. when dry, it is rubbed off with gentle circular motion to Exfoliate dead skin. In increases circulation & remove dead surface Skin Celle thus making Skin shiny & Healthy.

Product Information :-

  1. Manufacturer – Vedantika Herbal.
  2. Net Wt. – 70g / 2.46oz
  3. Price – Rs. 250/- .
  4. Shelf Life – 18 Months from date of Mfg.

Packaging :- Products comes in a transparent Bottle with silver Cap. It also has inner Plastic Cap Which secure the powder. Good For Traveling.

Texture :- its a powder Form Face pack Which is very Fine. The texture is perfect & smoothing, enriched with Ayurvedic Ingredients in it.

My Experience :- vedantika Herbal Instant Golw pack was really great product is used in a powder Form Which is Specially Made with Ayurvedic Medicine. Packaging is travel friendly. I use this twice a week For instant glow, i always mix the face pack with Honey & Rose water. It will dry with in 10-15 mins. While applying i havent feel Any harshness in my Skin as face pack powder is very fine. As a result i feel my Skin is soft, refreshed & glowy. It also Exfoliate my face & body by removing Excess dirt with little massage While washing off my face. Definitely worth buying it for Glowy Flawless natural Skin So, placed your order now.


Website – http://www.vedantikaherbals.com


Juhi Jasmine



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