Mo’s Bakery Cookies

“A Cookies a day Keeps the sadness away. An entire jar of Cookies a day brings it back”… Welcome to the exquisite world of Mo’s Cookies the yummy homemade Cookie jar of Happiness.

About The Brand :-

Mo’s bakery started in a Home Kitchen in 2016. Mo’s creates Vegiterian gourment Cookies using Natural Ingredients & fresh Flavours that will take your childhood. Mo’s Cookies are 100% eggless.

Mo’s Bakery Cookies :-

Why Mo’s Cookies :-

  1. Mo’s creates petite Cookies.
  2. Delicious unique Flavours with natural Ingredients.
  3. Mo’s Cookies Does Not contain Any preservatives.
  4. Mo’s Cookies comes in glass packed jar of happiness.
  5. Perfect gift Option with classic style of Cookies.

Avaliabilty :-

Mo’s Cookies are up For grabs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad.

Mo’s Coconut Cookies :-

Dive into the Luxurious Flavour of fresh Coconut with our petite Coconut Cookies Flavour divides people & many aren’t fond of it But is our favorite Flavour. It reminds me of eating chewy Coconut Cookies from local bakeries during childhood.

Ingredients – Flour, Sugar, Butter, Coconut.

Net Wt. – 80 – 100gms

Best Before – 6 Months from date of mfd.

Price – 365/-

Size – Petit

Packaging :- Airtight glass jar.

Mo’s Rosemary Cookies :-

Herb in desert is the New Trend. We Love the Flavour of fresh Rosemary that grows in our Garden. Rosemary Cookies was our attempt to make a slightly saltier Cookies with this fresh Rosemary Flavour for the ones who Have a salt craving palate.

Ingredients – Flour, Sugar, Butter, salt, Rosemary.

Net Wt. – 80 gms

Best Before – 6 Months from date of mfd.

Price – 290/-

Size – Petit

Packaging :- Airtight glass jar.

My Experience :- Mo’s bakery Home Made Cookies are delicious yummy tiny Cookies with unique Flavours with Perfect yet classy jar packaging Which really remind me of my childhood when Home made Cookies were loaded in glass jar, Mo’s. Bakery is back with Same Concept with a jar of Happiness.

Flavours are Yum Specially Coconut was my favorite, Perfect crunchy Cookies loaded with fresh Coconut in every bite. Rosemary Flavour was Truly unique taste for me Which is baked with fresh Rosemary herbs. I feel the Price range is a Bit High But Honestly Great value For money. Its really Good Option For Vegiterian as its 100% Vegiterian so dont wait & grab our Cookies now…..

Buy Rosemary Cookies :-

Buy Coconut Cookies :-



Juhi Jasmine



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